A "one-of-a-kind" guided meditation for Network-Marketers!
Guided Meditations for prospecting, sponsoring,
closing...and abundance!

Success Meditations is a "one of kind" guided meditation series that is specific and customized for Reps in the Network-Marketing, Direct Selling and Party Plan industry. 

Each 15 minute guided meditation is set to beautiful "alpha-wave" music that will instantly put you in a relaxed state to allow your subconscious to absorb the message of each meditation. Here are the topics of each audio: 

Abundance - This soothing and energizing guided meditation is designed to help you to ALLOW success in your Network-Marketing business to find you. 

The message on this audio will help you to create wealth and have a breakthrough so that you attract more new teammates and increase your monthly sales volume so that you promote to the next level in your company. 

When you listen to this audio for 30 days you'll notice that your "vibration" will raise so that prospecting, presenting, closing and recruiting will become easier - and success and money will start to flow to you with more ease. 

This powerful message will help you to start attracting prospects that want more out of life and are open to your message. 

You'll see an immediate increase in money and your ability to start manifesting your desires after only 7 days - guaranteed!  

Prospecting - This unique audio is customized for Direct Sellers and will turn you into a confident, persuasive, appointment getting machine! Once you get this message imbedded in your subconscious, you'll start to associate pleasure with prospecting and it will be - fun!

You'll never again fear rejection after listening to the carefully chosen words on this meditation. 

After 7 to 14 days you'll notice that your attitude toward prospecting is positive and that you'll WANT to make calls, send messages and leave voice mails for your prospects.  

Once you've allowed these messages to seep into your mind you'll fill your calendar with dozens of appointments for presentations. 

And of course if you're doing lots of presentations you are going to increase your volume, sponsoring and you are going to promote to the next level. 

Meditating for 30 days on prospecting will put you on the road to success in your Network-Marketing business! 

Sponsoring - Listening to this audio for 30 days will turn you into a unstoppable recruiter! 

You'll start attracting great prospects who are ready to start something new and are looking to have a better life. Won't it be great to attract people that are actually looking for something and WANT to work? This audio will help you so that you will move into the "ask" smoothly and that your prospects will actually sign up and join your team! Meditating on enrolling, recruiting and sponsoring will help you to sponsor 3 to 5 "directs" to you personally so that you can start to build a huge team. 

Closing - In order to be successful in Network-Marketing and Direct Selling you've got to be able to persuade people to take action and this audio will turn you into a strong and powerful closer. 

Listening to this audio will help you to increase your confidence and your prospects "buy" the fact that you believe in your opportunity - and yourself! Meditating on closing will help you to be comfortable with asking people to buy from you and join your team. 

This is one of the most important skills that you will need to acquire in Network-Marketing and this audio will turn you into a confident, strong leader who attracts people to you.

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